欧冠足彩      Bohai Special Chemical Co., Ltd. is established in July 1998. It is specialized in developing, manufacturing and selling of environment-friendly products, such as water-based ink coatings, photocuring ink coatings and polymer materials. The products are widely used in many industries and fields, including cigarette packs, toothpaste boxes, cosmetics boxes and food boxes and other high-grade packaging and printing industry, as well as floor coatings, electronic touch screen industry with ITO glue and UV glass protective film etc. At present, our main clients include well-known listed companies and foreign enterprises in the industry. The products have been tested by SGS and other third-party testing institutions, and have maintained a good reputation from the customers and the industry.


Company Products

Main products are: water-based varnish / oily varnish / matching pigment and dye paste,
UV ink / UV Varnish / water-based Varnish / UV molding paste,
UV wire mesh special ink, Imitation glass cardboard with water-based high-gloss paint,
UV resin (full range), UV glass protection ink / ITO protection of blue plastic ...

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